Is there a hybrid tileset with tiles for everything but creatures?

I really like the tilesets that I have seen so far but I find the tiles for creatures are a bit hard to tell apart. They are also harder to see in some tile sets, I have stumbled into more than one brown moose on brown ground. The ascii letters are perfect for displaying information, and I prefer to imagine the creature anyways. So a hybrid tileset is ideal for someone like me.

I could try editing them myself and posting them if anyone else wants them. Alot of these already have ascii backups for missing tiles, I just have to make a few of them go “missing”. That is, if the tileset owners aren’t interested in making hybrid versions themselves… although I’m not sure how permissions work for that sort of thing. Is it acceptable to just post a tweaked tile set, credit the owner, and take it down afterwards if they request for you to take it down? I wouldn’t want to have ask every tileset owner if I do this for alot of tilesets.

On the topic of hybrid tilesets, I’ve noticed that alot of tilesets already use ascii for the map. I guess the map doesn’t support tilesets?

boardgame titleset is thing what best suit your need but it was outdated when i last played it (its tsu if my memory is well)

Boardgame Tileset was one of the best tilesets I used.

Oh, and the map does not have tileset support for now.

The Boardgame tileset looks pretty amazing, its a shame that the artist doesn’t have the time to update it. Hopefully someone will fix up some new tiles for it once CDDA is closer to a “finished” state. StopSignal’s tileset looks pretty great as well, the art style makes everything easily recognizable so I’ll probably use that until I start editing ascii into tilesets. Thanks for the recommendation.

Thanks, Purple! d:

I will try to update in the weekend btw! /try/