Is there a fast way to back home?

Is there any kind of tools,vehicle parts etc. That can bring my char back to base? Its very usefull if im doing long time scavenging and need back to base storing the loot i get…

Just make a decent mobile base, keep roads cleared, or trails clear of boulders and landmines and you should be good.

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You can use any vehicle really, but tools I typically keep starting out is a welder, shovel, jerry can of fuel, gallon of clean water, hose for siphoning, and dry goods and ammo for long stays. Oh yeah, and medical supplies like disenfectant.

There is not.
I plan on adding an auto-travel feature at some point.


I can just imagine death by autotravel.
cue fallout new vegas memories

i was want to suggest that feature on The Lab but… there you go.

make it possible to auto-travel only at places player has encountered (city, refugee camp, bunker, etc.)

It won’t be “fast travel” like you usually see in games, instead it would just take control of the character and rapidly move them to their destination. As such you could auto-travel to a new destination, but safemode settings would cancel it if you encounter something dangerous.


ooohh it just like auto-move that usually found on RPG games… love that.

i really need that because my hand sometimes crammed up by pressing same button repeatedly.

@ecchi_squid well i was clearing my path…when i clear it i encounter 50 cal turret and hit me while wearing full power armor lol…i just know it that 50 cal can penetrate heavy armor lol(manage to escape though,using cloaking cbm) @kevin.granade that sounds great…I’ll wait for it:D (sorry for my bad english)

I forgot what the maximum range for a turret is, but you can easily stand outside of its maximum range and shoot it with a high powered rifle.

Yeah i destroy it using MX blablabla laser sniper

Always a good choice that.

And all this time I used a SCAR-H with scope, guess I need to upgrade.

Scar-H Pretty good bro…i always use it when hunt some food because its not destroy my prey just like barret do,lol.

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