Moving day!

I’ve survived for two weeks now, my major skills are in the 6-7 area, and I’ve managed to clear out a good chunk of the nearby town. There’s a firehouse I just cleared which will make a wonderful fortified base, already supplied with a plethora of lockers for storage and a nice, big, empty bay to transform into a chic, post-apocalyptic loft with all the amenities. My problem is this: I’ve already looted half the town and carted it all to the original shelter. I have literally thousands, maybe tens of thousands of pounds of supplies there. Short of making dozens and dozens of trips with my wheelbarrow, fighting wolves and bears all the way, I’m at a complete loss for how to transport all this stuff to my new home. I mean, I could drag the lockers cross-country, I guess, but I’m worried I’d commit suicide with unhappiness dragging a 5000 pound locker – let alone four of them.

Anyone have any suggestions? What do you do when you need to switch bases?

Disarming the lockers and taking everything in a car? Maybe 3 trips and it’s done.

Wear a whole lot of large storage items
Have a car
Good luck

burn and forget?

[quote=“FunsizeNinja123, post:3, topic:5896”]Wear a whole lot of large storage items
Have a car
Good luck[/quote]

Basically what we’d do in real life.

Make trips to move stuff as you need it, you probably won’t use 90%+ of the stuff within any reasonable time period. As a fellow packrat, I find it’s easier to work up motivation for a hauling trip when it’s to complete something specific, instead of “10 boring trips to spend hours messing with piles of items I have no current plan for”. And yea, making better hauling vehicles will pay off for more than just this…

can we get a pic to see the amount that you have to move? im just interested. usually when i move i take some food/drinks, some books, sleeping materials, weapons, medicine, and what else i can carry and almost never see my old home again

Alright, looks like a car is the way to go.

Search for car… searching… searching… aha, a functional humvee out on a highway. No gas.

No problem, go back to wrecked cars in town. Siphon. No hose. Damn.

Return to base, look for hose. No hose. Go to wiki: refrigerator. Aha. Go back to town, smash fridge, get hose.

Need jerrycan. No jerrycan. No problem, I make.

Let’s see… need gallon jugs. No jugs. No problem, I make.

Now need plastic for gallon jugs. No plastic.

Return to town, smash computers, get plastic.

Return to base, turn plastic into jugs, turn jugs into jerrycan.

Return to town. Bring jerrycan and hose to cars, siphon gas.

Return to humvee. Pour in gas. Woohoo: gas, cooking with. Wait… no start?! No charge in battery. Damn.

Go back to base. Get ALL THE BATTERIES EVER. Empty flashlights, empty PDA, empty food dehydrator. Batteries ho!

Return to humvee. Dump wheelbarrow full of batteries. Charge: 2%.

Start humvee. Hurrah! Houston, we have lift-off.

Drive humvee home. Battery: 1%. Damn. Brainwave: get solar panel!

Return to town. Find electric vehicle. Locate solar panel. No hacksaw.

Return to base. Look for hacksaw. No hacksaw.

Return to town. Go to hardware store. Get hacksaw.

Return to electric car. Remove solar panel.

Return to base. Install solar panel. Oh. No welder. Damn. No problem. I make. Damn, no heating element.

Return to town. Smash stove. Get heating element.

Return to base. Make welder. Success! Oh. Needs batteries. No problem! I’ll just… oh. Humvee + ALL THE BATTERIES EVER = working humvee.

And that’s where I got too depressed to continue. Maybe some day in the misty future I’ll find enough vinegar to make enough batteries to power the welder to install the solar panel to charge the battery to run the car carry the goods to move the base to the place close enough that I no longer actually need a vehicle to loot stuff. :confused:

Uh, bad alternator or damaged humvee battery? Sorry it didn’t work out, in any event. :frowning:

Yeah, assuming you have a working alternator and battery you should be able to charge the battery just by running the car.

Well, you did not make it too bad. Batteries are easy to find!

Yeah, assuming you have a working alternator and battery you should be able to charge the battery just by running the car.[/quote]

Latest versions, battery below 50% or thereabouts auto-drains, so they’re kinda critical. You can get by with a damaged alternator. That’s why I’m thinking the humvee battery wasn’t working: IME alternators charge remarkably fast.

cthulhu based transportation?

I think I figured out the problem. I got the humvee running at night and had to inch my way cross-country in the dark, so I was driving at 9mph and with the headlights on. It appears that at low speeds while running headlights, the battery drains faster than the alternator charges it. I scrounged up some tableware and vinegar in a restaurant, made some batteries, got the humvee started, and tore ass down the road – and got the battery up to 3%.

I have now successfully transported everything but my supply of lumber in a few trips to my nice, shiny new fire station. (Sorry I didn’t take a screenshot of my mountainous horde, Keyreper. I was bummed out and forgot.) I packed everything away, got a good night’s sleep… and promptly ate a mushroom for breakfast which poisoned me. Oh well, if I don’t survive maybe my next character can make use of my lovely fire station loft apartment and the locker filled with 2000 pounds of assorted tattered zombie clothes.

I’d love to see your base :stuck_out_tongue: I had a similar problem when last moving. Now my goal is to find/make a workable car.