Is the human race able to survive Cataclysm?

Unless the mutations affect your gametes which is unlikely basically this [graph](

You’ve ignored the point that this is not a traditional mutation, this is an external entity changing the physical composition of the survivor’s body.

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Ow humans will do alright, we’re good friend with Cthulhu. He can help us out right?

A few plusses
1% are the tough and rough people and they continue to get stronger daily
Autodocs are available in a few places
The zombies don’t reproduce
Yes there will be war, but this would take a while until things begin to clear up just enough for factions to even be close
The mycus can be joined and humanity might become just a part of the mycus, but we’ll survive
And, THIS IS A FUTURE WORLD PEOPLE ARE IN SPACE! Humanity may not survive on earth but in space there’s a chance, especially in the future. Who knows? They might have plants in a space station producing oxygen and sustaining an artificial atmosphere? Plus with the sun they have solar energy. Hell, the astronauts may have been the ones who lucked out.

The survivors aren’t the best of the best, they’re whoever survived.
It’s not a future world, any astronauts in orbit have at most a year to live.

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Which *may only affect the exact cells and tissues the mutations describe i.e non reproductive cells which are completely seperate, but unless you write it into the game lore there’s a good chance most non radiation mutants could reproduce normal (any at all) children who would likely get killed by the blob in utero because of the mothers inability to fight the blob infection constantly or get killed after birth from the blob. The science and facts don’t really matter because what happens is what you say everybody has the blob which can (will) kill all unborn children and freshly birthed mutated or not so… ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Edit: somehow I havent been able to make the upload images from adresses work so insert Omae wou mo shinderu

For simplification and clarification all mutations in game are acquired not inherited which is why they only affect certain tissues and not gametes. The same reason why your dad gets cancer, impregnates your mother, and you’re born without cancer.

You’d basically need a skilled doctor and a butt ton of PE063 or whatever the blob killing agent was to even have a shot a increasing the human population at all.

I still don’t understand why everyone keeps talking about purifier being needed to survive in any way. Purifier only cleans out mutations, whether its from radiation or mutagen or misshapen fetuses. It doesn’t kill the blob nor does it remove it from the body.
You could make the assumption that it’s like making “antivenom from snake venom” but that’s a bit of a stretch seeing how it also affects radiation mutations which aren’t from the blob in any way.

Besides that, humans could most likely reproduce just fine with the blob inside them, although it would be quite “Experimental” if it involves mutations.
The blob itself doesn’t affect the human body in any noticeable way besides speed healing, which as far as I can tell is mostly just “speeding” the human body’s natural “healing” abilities.

I’m not writing this with any harsh feelings towards you Mega_Glub or to anybody else. It’s just that I’ve seen so many other people saying the same thing when it doesn’t make much sense.

Although if Kevin or somebody had confirmed that it does indeed work like that and I missed it, I’ll have to retract this comment. I am still relatively new to the community so I probably don’t know everything about this.

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Just so we’re clear, PE062* is not purifier. PE062 is an agent that we don’t get to see or interact with in game that kills the blob, and is not purifier. Purifier is a specific flavor of mutagen that just reverts you back to having human traits. PE062 is apparently one of the three ways to rid yourself of infestation of the blob.

*I previously referred to it as PE063, but it is actually PE062

As far as reproduction, any children would start life with the blob inside them, and it is extremely likely that the amount of blob would rise quickly because of how weak/non-existent the immune system of a fetus is. This makes it extraordinarily likely that the blob would reach critical mass and kill the baby (and possibly reanimate it but I really don’t want to think about that). As for mutations… I don’t really know. It says that it’s “just traits” and not full genome fuckery, but honestly who really knows what reproduction with a mutant would cause. If it causes anything, that something would almost certainly be an affront to all things holy in the world.


This is exactly what I mean. I have never heard of PE062 and just reasoned that it meant purifier. Thank you for explaining that. I am also not an expert on the blob itself so I cannot make a good argument against how the blob affects fetuses that aren’t in test tubes.

I still have read in many other threads about purifier killing off the blob and needing large amounts of that so I was mostly remembering those. I would assume that they got to that conclusion by mixing purifier with PE062 as I just had.

And yes. if mutations affected anything, a Chimera character and Raptor character would have one unholy abomination of a child (or even just a cat-girl and tree-boy)

I don’t think cross-breeding would work for mutants, but same threshold would work.

Also, Chimera characters would die out way too quickly to make any offsprings, thanks to some mutations. Unless mutations also increased growth to adult speed.

Mutant families/communities sound pretty rad tho.

You don’t have to think about it. Here’s is a video of it!

Here’s a request: delet this

Nah mate. It’s educational !

i-am-erk is the current loremaster, and he said upthread that we really have no idea how blob infested humans breed. That’s especially true for mutants, but we don’t even know how normal humans breed at this point. There are likely to be problems with pregnancies after the Cataclysm, but we don’t really know what or how severe they will be.

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My take is we could survive, we wont thrive again, but we will hang on with grit and detirmination until the eco system collapses.

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I like the idea, some humans would somehow survive, but at the end, the Earth is no longer hospitable for us.

I wonder, could fungus harvested as a renewable food source? At least the last time i tried, it was editable. It is possible to make a fungus farm? It would be a building where the fungus is contained.

A fungus farm would likely be possibble, at least in the short term. But with how fast it spreads, I think it would probably doom a settlement in the long term, as even the slightest breach could infect the entire town.

This logic would likely extend to all food sources.

Animals are a risk to the community, as they may mutate and attack their peers as well as the humans breeding them. And that’s if you can even keep them alive from the constant pressure of outside predators. EDIT: This reminds me of the “Feed” by Mira Grant – I believe horses over a certain size were outlawed to prevent potential spread of the virus. Similar also to the I Am Legend film, where keeping his dog seems great and all, but is ultimately a potential threat to his own life.

Grown food would likely also be affected by some aspect of the Cataclysm, whether that’s radiation, the blob, fungus, or any number of unknown factors. We don’t really have mutated crops in-game, but I don’t see any reason to think it wouldn’t happen.

The only scenario I see for humanity’s survival is to sequester themselves deep underground and, ideally, find a way to thrive living in the dirt. Even that’s not really do-able, as we can see in Mine starts that the Cataclysm has also affected underground creatures.

Add to this what Mark said about unforseen breeding complications in humans, the small remaining population, and mutated humans presumable difficulty crossbreeding, and I don’t see any way that we as a species make it through the Cataclysm. Maybe some mutated form of humanity survives, or is enslaved, but I just don’t see regular old homo sapiens getting through the apocalypse.


I don’t see what is so bad about humanity as a species changing. Even in about 1 billion years ago, organism that was progenitor of humanity and many other lifeforms have merged with a foreign lifeform to become oxygen consuming, high energy monster. You would know those foreign organism as Mitochondria, and without those little things humanity as we know it would not exist today.

I would argue that biologically speaking, invasion of the foreign organism(Endosymbiont for people with degrees) are not unheard of and could advance humanity to new heights… Assuming humanity can embrace it. And reproduce. And not kill each other to excessive degrees.

And if Mitochondria don’t go all Parasite Eve.

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