Lore regarding the moon and off-planet humans

We know the cataclysm was more or less a worldwide event, but how was the moon affected?

Were there portal storms on the moon? Was there at least some level of moon colonization or was the people orbiting in space stations the only ones relatively unaffected by the cataclysm by being off of earth? Are they now doomed to slowly die off or were they given a smashingly swift death? Is humanity’s last hope among the stars now with the last uninfected vestiges of the human species off-terra? Might we have a chance to get off the planet one day and inadvertantly bring the final sword down upon humanity’s neck by interacting with the pure humans?

Stuff I want to know…

Nope, there’s as much moon colonization as there will be next year.

wait, what if what happened in Mars, was the same thing it happens in the game now, just that as there were no more resources the blob took all its minion back :open_mouth:

How far does a series of breaks in reality/dimensional barriers allow a new break to be forced?
Can they only pried open within miles of other breaks? further?

If i understood question correctly: It just takes power to break open reality, Blob did it when planet was already infested to finish the invasion.

So basically we were safe because it didnt know our location/existence, and then someone oponed a portal?

yes that is part of the lore. Human scientists were exploring extra-dimensional travel as means for advantage in warfare, and were studding the creatures that came through, but once the blob and other factions attention turned on Earth it was quickly overwhelmed, especially by the blob, and the military’s quick coding attempts fail-safe removal to reprogram defenses against the blob’s bodies backfiring so that they fired on humans as well.

I don’t know of the blob having any technological abilities, so I don’t …think… it can brute force its way into areas not previously weakened by dimensional travel…

spoiler filled mumbling

then again it and the other factions have permeated the multiverse and are fighting a war on that scale so… I guess they must have a way to break dimensions since none of them are RELIANT on others to open doors for their wars