Cataclysm On Your Country

What happens if Cataclysm stuck on your country,?
Geographical,political,economic,even religional differences how affect you and your country?
Or most important thing:"Can you survive?

For example:i live in Turkey,it is like a Fortnite map:Everything is here.
In specifically i live in Istanbul (2.666 person per km2) so the main problem is zombie hordes.If you say “just go woods”,it is impossible without leaving Istanbul.
But wait,is it really problem?
More zombies need more food right? It means there is terrible hordes of zombies but they are starving faster because their daily food need is quarter survivor.For horde that include 1 million zombies (Istanbul’s population is 16 million) needs 8 million survivors for one month.But wait,in real-life scenario only 1 of 100 people will survive.There is no forest in Istanbul,so they are starve before winter.

More people means more items:
Istanbul isn’t a place full of detached houses.Answer is simple:So much people (2.666 per km2). And it comes with so much items (and sooo much cars). Zombies don’t care about private property,and their houses is full of delicious materials and foods.And advantage of apartmants comes here:they are only secure at ground,you can make roof-to-roof rob-and-travel.
And is said “there is no detached buildings” and “there is so many cars”,what happens if you combine them?Car collection on streets,and all yours if you manage to steal them.So,start a high Mechanic skill character (in Istanbul,we have so much endusturial zones near in houses,you don’t need to worry about acetlyne torchs)

(Fun fact: you can gain lead by deconstruct mosques roof)
Is better if i post this in reddit?

Hmm CDDA zombies don’t require food to the best of my knowledge. Not sure if thats part of lore or not.

Zombies Rant - Skip to ****** section for fun Cata what if

The biggest threat of a typical zombie apocalypse isn’t really the zombies (unless your the kind of brainless fool that stands there screaming as the zombies approach and eventually bite you, or whos clueless enough during outbreak/unlucky enough to be in the epicenter of the outbreak to have no early escape options.

Psychilogical impact (depressing/disturbing?) Potentially not for some audiences

The real threat is the panic, fear, and psychological impact on those that face it. (this is why most zombie apocalypse stories are heavy on drama by default) The danger isn’t the zombie lumbering towards you, its the guy next to you going… yeah I could club this guy steal his stuff and then have much better odds against the zombies/ other humans.

One of the larger threats isn’t that a zombie will bite you directly, but that even if you take good precautions and keep them at bay, it quickly becomes a ‘siege’ of zombies outside that (even if they don’t break in trapping and biting you now that you are surrounded) will moan and beat on your sancuary. Even if you stay hidden enough that fear of them ‘breaking in’ is minimized there is still the stress of being surrounded by the constant moan and other horrifying noises of the zombies.

The stress and noise can quickly lead to lack of sleep that leads to mistakes and further stress. Comparable to mental strain of torture. This makes other humans even more unstable and dangerous, even if previously trusted allies and friends.

Then there is the breakdown of the free flow of supply lines that would result in convoy systems being utilized. far less efficient, and creating delays/lose of supplies and equivalent increase in prices due to both banditry and the danger to civilian vehicles without safe rest stops and clear roads.

The CDDA bit *******

Hmm. Well, I live in Texas near the DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth twin cities) area So assuming fun CDDA situation I could pack up everything I can get onto a trailer and head ‘to the woods’ as you say. I imagine I would probably ride on an utility ATV on the trailer with a box of ammo on the floorboard (is my redneck showing?) with another vehicle towing a trailer of stuff behind me.

Of coarse if there is enough warning that that is an option then the traffic would be atrocious meaning that that isn’t REALLY an option until the apocalypse is started proper. Which complicates things significantly.

Family owns a tiny piece of land out in the boondocks (think ‘Home on the Range’ movie with actual terrain and no farm animals) with a couple fields and… technically oil wells, as well as stocked ponds for fishing, though one would probably quickly get drained to get at the spring that feeds into it from underneath.

Despite the small footprint the hunting is good as well since the woods are heavier than the surrounding ‘plains’ type terrain in the local area. This means that wildlife use the property as both a crossroads and like to ‘bed down’ or raise offspring in the cover it provides.

Thus any plan would involve getting there, farming, hunting and hopefully being able to create a ‘homebrew’ refinery to be able to be self sufficient on fuel. Then trade any excess goods we can harvest/produce for replacement parts for equipment, ammo, salt, etc…and making conditions as comfortable & safe as possible from there.

So, priorities would be driving, marksmanship, rifles, fabrication, and mechanic skills character and training bartering, archery, trapping eventually as well. Probably trading for some skill books to raise/unlock recipies for fab, mechanic and electrician.

(really? why is lead used in mosque roofs? its heavy and not very strong. Basically like using less valuable gold for building.)
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Lead is used for moques because lead is abrasion resistant and it is also cheap to make it into round shapes like domes.
People in discourse more likely talk serius things like development.But in reddit memes and designs more common and more people likely write it.

I’ve actually wondered about this. Places with ultra-high population density, how do they fare? Places that are basically islands or peninsulas, easy to seal off? Australia or the American southwest, places with tons of open spaces full of nothing? That last one is easy - a lot of dead city folks in the desert.