What are the long term results of newer lore?

I saw this thread and how the planet would become unable to sustain life after some decades. I’m wondering if additions made after the thread have changed what will happen in the long term to any degree. For example, is Hub01+Melchior sustainable, and how much the Exodii can help. Also, does existence of more mutated wildlife just mean the environment will writhe a bit longer before it dies or will it mutate into some unrecognizable abomination that keeps going due to Blob influence?

I also heard on the discord that feral humans will mutate. How will these mutations compare to zombie mutations? Will feral humans grow to hulk size, or will their mutations be less about direct combat and more like necromancer and master abilities?

The lore hasn’t changed substantially since then, just become more refined. The exodii are just a bunch of survivors from other doomed worlds that were similarly unsalvageable, and they hop around in perpetual apocalypse themselves. That’s one possible way to extend your survival for a while, if you find a way to do the same as them, but it’s not an easy course. Everything else is about the same. Most of it was factors we were referring to back then.


This potentially sounds like a new game+, where we’d have to find a means to escape to an alternate reality; Another world like ours, at the start of the apocalypse all over again. An interesting concept.

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Well, that would probably mean teaming up with the exodii, joining their refugee caravan, rather than coming up with a parallel way of doing the same thing.

The game+ would then be to start as an exodus, either separated from the rest through a scattershot pod transmission, or as the leader of a team. In the latter case the task would probably be to establish a base, gather resources, and jump to the next wrecked world in the nick of time.

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Sounds like a run of the mill strategy RPG game.

Actually, that would be a dope strategy game.

Match starts, players fight it out. All the while, fauna turns more aggressive with dwindling reasources as the planet dies. Fail to kill the other players in time, you die.