Is it still allowed to create weapon mods for the game?

its been awhile i didn’t make another mod about weaponry (last one was filled with positive feedback, thanks so much)

and seeing that now the game has some rule about adding weapon into the game, makes me wonder that if i made another weapon pack mod, will it be allowed?

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I’m not really aware of any rules about adding weapons to the game. If you want to add a particular gun to mainline, you generally need to justify that it exists and would have been possible to be available in the area the game takes place in at the rarity your prescribing it. The lore’s been grounded more in reality and less in near-future, so fantastical guns and sci-fi guns have been getting shuffled out into mods.

If its a standalone mod thats distributed separate from the base game, I don’t think there’s anything or anyone who will prevent you from adding a Davy Crockett nuclear rifle if that’s what you have your heart set on.


i see, my plan is to make realistic weapons based from a website called “Forgotten Weapons”

was planning to add more to mainline but its been awhile i didn’t touch JSON so i have to do some warm-up with making mods.


So briefly checking through Forgotten Weapons, a lot of the guns have production runs of less than 1000 and even fewer surviving guns. Any gun that rare is not going to be accepted for a mod in the CleverRave repo, but in your own mod you can do whatever you want.

allright, thanks for info.

seeing that now there’s only 2 weapon pack mod in the game, might as well made another one for more variety for the players.


You think the 250 guns in the base game aren’t enough variety?


Can’t speak for Ricky, but I always like more dakka. That being said, we’ve got representation for the majority of weapons platforms that make any sense to have in the base game, more or less. Weapons of the same caliber and purpose in the base game tend to be interchangeable from a mechanical perspective, but roleplay and preference are a thing, and I’m sure as the weapons systems continue to develop in detail, the distinction between guns will become more pronounced.

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i don’t know why but the game has this infinite possibility to add more weapons to the game.

and for that 250 guns, yes that’s a lot but i want to see the limit of weaponry in-game.

yeah, i always excited to see new changes in weaponry like balancing, new way to specify weapon damage, and maybe in the future individual weapon parts damage.

for the roleplay and preference, that is the reason i always make weapon pack mod so that player has more roleplay and preference for their weaponry.

Kraut Space Magic pls
I’ve loved the G11 ever since Fallout.

the g11 would be nigh-useless as uses caseless ammo which, of course, would not be nearly as easy if not completely impossible to reload and would be MUCH rarer than normal ammo and only a few were ever made.

Sure, but it’s COOL.

i thought G11 has been implemented into the game XD

oh well, i’ll try to implement the weapon as a mod then.