Streamlining/Compiling Mods for Ease of Access

I want the community’s opinion on combining content from mods. Initially I was going to create a mod containing all of the removed/obsoleted weapons that have been made for CDDA over the years. However, after looking around it seems like most of the content people want is there, just spread out everywhere in 100 different mods in various states of obsolescence.

I realize something similar has been done with TheGoatGod and his GMC, but instead of maintaining separate mods, combining content into single mods with themes.

For example:
ALLTHEGUNS - content bloat at its finest, includes every single projectile or energy weapon I can find for CDDA
Rare/Uncommon Firearms - Standard CDDA firearms, plus stuff you probably wouldn’t find IRL, much less in CDDA, like the USAS-12, American-180, AN-94 ect. Rarity would be set so that you either spawn it in, or collect them like little achievements. Will always spawn with ammo and one magazine if applicable.
Modern Firearms - 1900s to present day, EXHAUSTIVE list, rarity accounted for
Fantasy Weapons - Vehicle mounted laser cannons, Halo, 40K, Fallout, and the like.

All original mods and their creators would be given credit and mentioned in the README and description.

I would eventually like to do the same with professions.

Thoughts? Opinions?

As long as you’ve got the permission of the original creators, there’s no real problems in doing it. Maintaining it is where most of these gigamods/packs die. An ‘ALLTHEGUNS’ pack is gonna be a massive pile of items, and when they update some standard or another, you’re facing down updating a thousand plus items, and if any of the new standards/values/expectations are something more involved than a bulk find/replace, its going to be a lot of work.