Can we just check for liquids rather than all items when deploying furniture?

Hello everyone,
I am a mod developer focusing on agriculture and its related industries(like apiculture, fishery, etc.), and I generally only make mods that work in stable versions. But today, I want to try to adapt the 0.G stable version in advance, so I tried to run my mod on the experimental version.

However, I found that the experimental version no longer allows furniture to be placed on items, and this is a rather important implementation of my mod, which means that a significant number of modules in my mod do not work properly:(

The modules are implemented as follows:

After my examination, it was a merger in December 2021 that completely destroyed this implementation: Before deploying furniture, players need to clear the tile. by wwkk222208 · Pull Request #53724 · CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA · GitHub
It adds a here.has_items( pnt ) conditional judgement to the deploy_furn_actor::use, which prevents me from placing furniture on the seeds.

I have very limited knowledge of the experimental version, is there any other way to make the furniture change at regular intervals without the player getting the seeds?

A little advice: Can we just check for liquids rather than all items when deploying furniture? · Issue #62072 · CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA · GitHub

Would it be possible to look into how funnels are placed? They can be deployed similar to furniture but you can do so on top of items. I’m not a coder but that might be able to be repurposed for your needs.

I looked into the json code for the funnel and found that it is implemented by placing “trap” rather than “furniture”. And “trap” dont work like “furniture”

I have reopened the issue and fix PR is here