Water Mechanics: Item or Environmental Feature

Its occurred to me that when it comes to water, it comes either as an environmental feature, or as an item/object that you can store or place. Never one and the same.

To elaborate further; If I was to have a Keg of water to which I ‘upload’ to the ground, say over 1000 points of water. The tile will stay the same, despite technically being flooded.
An as for actually flooding the tile, the only means (that I know of) would be to use one of the construction options that involves water. So in this case, water doesn’t function as water does. Instead it acts like any normal solid object.

So functionally, could water from containers work differently? An if so, what would be the potential consequences and benefits? Like effects to gameplay, fps and scripting.

What do you think? Doable or necessary, or just something to outright be left alone forever.

An just to note, this is in no means an incentive for change, just a discussion on potential mechanics.

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While liquids are notoriously difficult and CPU-taxing to simulate, I wouldn’t mind if they could at least alter or fill tiles. (When there’s enough that your wading or swimming)

This does come with the caveat though that creatures with gills should probably be adversely affected by breathing certain liquids similarly to how inhaling dangerous vapors behaves. (Swimming in beer or acid is ill advised)


… perhaps when you pour out a ‘container’ liquid it immediately changes that tile to ‘puddle (liquid)’, which could then be interacted with to obtain liquid of that type, similarly to currently existing water tiles. (you would have to save the existing under-tile as meta data to change it back to its existing tile afterwards, as well as somehow store information on how much of said liquid is in that spot)

and before someone says ‘well how would you pick it back up’… mop. give it a function besides deleting liquid XD

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