Is it a good time to play the newest experimental?

According to the item browser, pretty much all robots except the tank drone are LARGE or smaller. Sounds like you could get together a horde of robots in a truck and drive around annihilating hordes, which makes me very happy.

Now we just need a way to repair them.

Oh man that is amazing! Thank you for adding this.

But how do you lead all the robots out of the lab? They get stucked in room easily.

Very very carefully.

i want a cart that can carry things across stairs.
If that is not possible, then a pet/bot that won’t constantly kill itself.

I suggested a while back that we just treat stairs/ramps as existing on multiple Z-levels at once, and some people thought that was not a bad thought. But the implementation is tricky and the map code is complicated and weird, so I’m not about to write the necessary changes.

But the inability to transfer even small vehicles between Z-levels is deeply frustrating.


How about dogs? As long as I can order it to follow/unfollow, I will use a dog instead of a cart.

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You’ve been able to attach bags to your dogs and load the bags with stuff for nearly two years, as best I can tell. I don’t know if dogs will reliably follow you through Z-levels, though.

Can I strap a radio dynamites to a dog and ask it to rush to a zombie?

Not as far as I know. You can put activated dynamite in a dog’s bag, but it’ll be a friendly dog loaded with dynamite that wants to hang around near you.

If the dog whistle still works, you used to be able to blow it and the dog would switch between passive (will keep near to you) and aggressive (will rush over and attack pretty much anything that it thinks looks funny) but I haven’t used one in years.
So you could probably use a dog for dynamite delivery if you’re crazy enough. They’ll even go around corners, which will give you cover from the blast.

Dog ai is funky, often times they will stop and just meander in an area refusing to follow, even when passive. Some times it seems like they are tracking an animal. They also seem to become lost if they lose line of sight of the player.

Using a bucket with a funnel and I receive no water.

I may be mistaken but I think the funnel only works with sealable containers.

admittedly, the freezing stuff is messing up vehicle tanks at the moment… hopefully that aspect gets fixed relatively soon.

Pre-Freeze I had put dandelion wine must in a tank for storage so in turn after I built a vat i could have wine in my car now it sits in a keg in a cargo spot

I think so, which should be fixed. A bucket should be able to contain rainwater.


Have the frozen bugs been resolved?

Do we still have frozen hot food that are inedible?

Its much better now. Items cant be frozen and hot. You can heat up by placing items next to a flame, as well as using a hotplate. You can also keep items underground or in root cellars.

I’m finding some things very frustrating as a very old player. I can easily see fresh fruit, for instance, having a texture quality debuff if frozen, but lasagne, or spagetti, or B&R should heat and thaw without consequence. I eat frozen foods like that IRL and experience no downsides. I’m updating regularly, but I don’t see any discussion of the mushy debuff, so I’m not sure it’s anyone except me. I kinda like the massive bumps to big Z’s, although they’re gatekeeping pretty hard for the areas they spawn. The recent changes to solar and electric really nerf solar vehicles; you can barely keep a rig operating with 20 solar panels and a few devices, which isn’t exactly a downside, but definitely seems to require hybrid engines. You can’t self-install CBM’s anymore, which is expected. Haven’t found a single autodoc yet, so have a big pile of bionics to install when opportunity presents.
Think those are the big changes in the last few weeks. On the whole, I’d say worth updating, but expect a different game from even 4 months back.