Is it a good time to play the newest experimental?

Has the frozen bug been resolved?

Are there any other big problems?

I am still playing 0.C-29759-g8badff72e3 now

Freezing still bugged. Don’t know about anything else since I pretty much stopped playing too.

I have also stopped playing temporarily.

The food freezing issue is very frustrating. I also have been working on/playing a mod that involved a lot of butchery, which has been broken by the recent changes to the system. I don’t think it’s fully implemented yet? At least I don’t understand it, yet, which has been very discouraging as well.

They just added animal compartments to vehicles so you can find K9 unit police cars sometimes. Kinda cool, but probably not worth updating for. I tested a few animals, and it looks like, dogs, cats, and chickens all work, but cows are too big. So if you wanted to go mad max and have a doggo companion on road trips now is the time to dive in!


It looks like a big change to vehicle mechanics just dropped a few minutes ago, so I might wait to hear what people say about it.

Ant labs should be amusing! Storing all my food in basement seems to help. Have noticed mess kits dropping like mad in the last day

my copy’s a couple days old, but overall the freezing thing is more an annoyance than a crippling thing

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Ive taken a break with some of the new experimentals that came out. Which is majorly disappointing since I was so excited for NPC bases. At least I got to help test them :confused:

But the freezing is still bugged to all hell. It’s manageable but not really worth the headache. Butchery I feel still needs to be tuned but overall I’m hopeful for the changes.

I update daily. I haven’t had to much trouble with the freezing, though i did just get out of the cold days of spring so I won’t see much of the bug for about 250+ days. I do feel like food seems to be rotting to quick despite having it in my mini-fridge so that might be part of the freezing bug, but food has always been the least of my worries in the cataclysm once I am past the first couple days.

Butchery is getting better. You can butcher small game on the spot. I like the way it has changed bionic retrieval. I always wanted a use for the scalpel.

Haven’t got the latest update with new car stuff besides the animal+car update, I haven’t tested it but its a minor change and shouldn’t affect my game play by much except for finally allowing me to be a little more immersed with a pupper.

The new healing mechanics are great. I play with the really reduced healing trait so together they make the game finally feel challenging in mid game. If I get an ass whooping it actually hurts me for a week instead of being able to waltz back out to the same horde the next day. I actually broke a limb this play-thru!!!

The new cbm changes are taking a bit to get used to but overall i like them, i haven’t been able to get past mid game because I haven’t been able to install cbms but that is preferable to me as the game progresses to quickly for me anyways. I am currently checking out a new lab type in the middle of my town I have never seen before, hoping it has an auto doc in its depths. Mean while my pile of cbms I have carefully extracted from every scientist grows.

The new animal changes are interesting. I like the fact that birds lay eggs, I found a huge pile of nests filled with eggs not far from my base on the edge of a forest. That netted me 1200+ dehydrated egg powder. No food problems here. The roaches are now fun, found an infested house and burnt that to the ground because before the roaches it was a spider house. Its the first house I’ve every intentionally burned to the ground in CDDA. But it had to be done.

SO over all, yes its a good time to play experimentals.

for most day-to-day concern, all you need to do is(assuming you don’t have a mobile base with an RV kitchen) bring a frying pan or Mess Tin with you, and light literally anything on fire, using the pan or tin will let you thaw your stuff out.

Butchery is a mixed bag, animals in general have a lot more flesh to harvest, it seems(zombies don’t, it feels like). The dissecting for CBMs is pretty cool, it’d be nice if you could dissect things like acidic or spitter zombies or other things for various potential exotic organs tho.

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Throw-able acid sacks!

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Erh. Guess I will not update the game then.

In the big vehicle PRs that just got merged, the only player visible changes are that uncontrolled and skidding vehicles lose much less speed as long as they stay moving in the direction they’re facing, and you can now scroll through the central pane of the vehicle interaction window.

The rest of the huge code drop was just some internal code changes that will make it easier to define non- standard fuel for vehicle engines, and a general cleanup to make future work less horrible.

My goal here is to improve the game, not totally mess with vehicle mechanics.

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The K9 dog transport stuff is a variation of the livestock stalls that I added a month or so ago. So while you can’t carry a cow in the onboard kennels, there is a vehicle part expressly designed to let you transport cows.


Its worth it. Only found one game crashing bug recently.

Good to know! What is that part called and where could I find it in game? Also I was wondering if I will be able to bring slime springs in these parts?

The vehicle part is the livestock stall, and the base item is a livestock carrier. You can make a livestock carrier from a cargo carrier and some pipe.

Livestock stalls can capture any friendly creature, so yes, you can put slime springs in them. You could even put friendly robots in them.

Is there a limit to what can fit? Could I bring my own tank drone/chicken walker around with me?

Personally I would still wait at 7700 or earlier version, freezing mechanics are still bugged and there seems to be a critical bug crashing the game every time you try to eat/drink something from containers like cans or bottles, making the game almost unplayable.

Edit: just read it supposedly got fixed few hours ago, will update and check that.

Edit 2: Bug fixed, just updated and having a blast so far.

LARGE or smaller creatures in a livestock stall. You could mod it to take larger creatures, of course.