Is it a good time to play the newest experimental?


I’m waiting until the farming zones updates are in.
The farming changes make it much more “work” ( in-game time )but the zoning changes mean its one keypress that makes your character do all the planting/weeding/watering automagically.
Then I’ll load up a farmer scenario I think.


The weed changes got reverted in their entirety. You still want zone agriculture support because handling individual plots suck, but it’s not as bad as it used to be.


I thought it was generally anti-revert around here. I’m surprised such a big change got the axe. I was gonna test it to see if it was as bad as people were implying but I haven’t had the time to play since it went live.


It broke my last save so when I tried to use the NPC base my game ctd without an error message(there were similar severe bugs with it others found). It sounds like a good idea but it wasn’t tested enough.


Any ETA when the weeding/watering changes are gonna be re-worked? they dont seem that bad in conjunction with the zoning wizardry.

I do NOT want to be manually weeding and watering 100 tiles lol


Weeds had a lot of issues around being tested in 91 day seasons, and then breaking apart on 14 day seasons. They also had the issue where every time you brought them into the reality bubble, they aged an hour, so it was possible to overrun your garden with weeds just by climbing up and down some stairs repeatedly if you didn’t have Z-levels on.

The developer is fast, but he was told to rethink his approach, add tests, and break it up into several PRs. I wouldn’t expect to see parts of a new version for at least a week, and it may be a month or two until it is fully re-merged.


Ah I see, yeah I can see why it’d need to be reworked, certainly the right direction as a concept though, for me.


The vehicle tank freezing bug is quite annoying - but it’s also easy enough to work around unless you are the sort of survivor who must obsessively fill your vehicle with 60L of every form of alcohol known to science.

For regular game play using jerrycans for water management is slightly annoying, but still entirely feasible for the time being.


Has the explosion lag bug been fixed? How about all food/drink freezing bug?


Food/drink is at pretty good spot already - in early spring it tends to be cold during the day and freeze during the night, but you can easily defrost it. (either by simply lighting a fire on adjacent square and letting it burn for few moments or using a cooking tool like a pot/frying pan)