Irradiated wanderer, or "Have you tried to eat an elephant?"

It made me very interested in this question - and this animal is in principle possible to cut? Well like any ordinary zombies?
For example, you can get from him well at least a piece of meat, that is …
and then you killed him and he - melted like the snows of yesteryear under the May sun.

Soviet film fairy tale about Little Red Riding Hood was one such hero, the wolf (wolves were already as many as two in one movie film), which is often said, and “if anyone tried to eat an elephant” (which spawned the catch phrase).
Here I am puzzled, such as “elephants” in general “edible”? though to nip off a piece. at least a lick what it tastes like. :slight_smile:

in fact, if you kill a rat with something that causes little damage, it is possible to cut the corpse of the rat and subsequently eat.

So, how can you still, “cook” our “elephant”?

You are so awesome. I love your mind, I love the way it works.

not unless a corpse of it spawns. it melts on death.

modding out the melting or spawning in a dead corpse; yes. im not sure if they are marked as poisonous though, tbh. no reason they shouldnt be, but since its by default impossoble to get their flesh.

and unlike boogemen from other games there doesnt seem to be a glitch around it.

IRs and CNs are more ghouls from fallout than zeds, but their faction is zed. their species is aberration iirc. zombies are species zombie

…I wish I could understand Vivat. I really can’t…

This thread sucks.

Well, it certainly doesn’t bite

I’m with FunsizeNinja. Vivat’s writing is a little…odd. I like how after the first paragraph on the irradiated wanderer he jumps into something about a “Soviet Film.”


guys, you dont recognize google translate at work?

Now that you mention it, it does seem like a case of google translate.

[quote=“pisskop, post:8, topic:11994”]wat?

guys, you dont recognize google translate at work?[/quote]
I can barely read your English and i know over a dozen languages.

i can read English too, but build phrases sometimes is very hard to me. and i use google in cases, where i can’t build phrases.

why i jump to soviet film - i try to get analogy, parallel, place from which i get catch phrase, and for explaining their meaning. only for it, nothing more.

Ok, thank you.





Yeah, I was randomly browsing the russian translated version of the forum, and vivat’s name popped up many times so it was clear to me that he was non native english speaker.

FunsizeNinja123 it’s ok.
COC_Cecilillian thanks

I suspect that you’d have to go into the code itself and adjust it to be able to actually butcher an irradiated wanderer. Even then it would probably be poisonous. Although if you were cooking up tons of mutagen the vault would be your best friend at that point.

Unless you are in fact talking about storming a vault. In which case the answer is: One bite at a time. Take it slow, don’t get mobbed, run away if you feel like you’re even close to being overwhelmed.

stormng vaults? ugh, nightmare, especially with Zlevels on and wandering hordes.

bring lots of fire. inceniardies. but even then many IWs carry 9mm ammo, so watch it.
acid is too weak, and IWs too fast. go for coupled matchhead bombs or explodey hacks.
The issue is the wide hallways. they can see and swarm you too easy. bring auto or burst weapons but prefer melee or explosions.
I looted 1; 3000 IW kills. I had lizard regen mutation, and i needed it 3 times.
Get down and secure the npcs as fast as possible, they will get mobbed.

if you dont mind the effort, try to drag some armor and a mounted gun dowb
set up shop on an existing vehicle

bring bandages

I don’t want to sound like a noob, but what are vaults?

cities under cities ala fallout universe. full of ghouls irridated wandrrers, charred nightmares, npcs, and some decent tech scattered here and there

it’s very interesting, is someone here, who are GET quest from NPC’s on the 2nd, i.e minus 2nd, subfloor (relative zero, or earthground level).
I - each my try to get - is failed. because of main NPC is yet killed.
i only may HELLO to one live soldier. marshall badge is weared on me.

and game do not get me possibility to cheat, i assume - resurrect killed NPC’s.
in the usual RPG’s there is a spell for resurrect killed.

ok ok “this is roguelike, baby!”… :frowning: understood.