Irradiated wanderer, or "Have you tried to eat an elephant?"

How do you get in vaults? Do you go in the sewers and just dig deeper? Or are there specific areas for going down below into vaults?

spoilers son.

But a jackhammer can do a lot

Goddamn you are a noob.Spoiler.seriouslyrllyThere are vault towns that are very obvious once you’ve seen one, looks like a natural city but has craters in very specific places.

I’m so terribly sorry on the fault of being a noob, and I have never seen those before for some reason, mostly because I like to clean out all the resources in one area.

yes i walked sewers and Up’ed by every stairway - recon around and Down to sewers.
before i found city with two craters and two §ump stations. but it way to find VAULT is too loong in time.
but - old guard not tells me where the VAULT. east west south or maybe north??? - he not tells me nothing. simply - “boy! go and save!”. (search him sick and destroy©metallica)
I do not know where to go to find something that not Know.

Thank you good people - suggested how to find the city that is OVER the VAULT. and “shame to Victor Perestukin!” for having created such a quest, and did not give any, even remote, tips on how to solve it.

fing Google translator - when he puts, it turns the meaning of what was said - inside out.
how fortunate that at least I can read English relatively freely.
I say “the city, under which is VAULT” and I was the interpreter translates the "city that is under the VAULT"
kin google.