Zombies and Goo... and meat


if zombies driven by goo, because of implanting into human bodies via air or maybe water - i say about moment C (from Cataclysm), when many people become into zombies - maybe goo can produce zombies from also dead bodies?
and vice versa
maybe is receipt of chemistry which may clean dead body from goo?

it for practical things - we can convert (for example) Zombear meat into bear (old)meat (or maybe rotten) and eat it - well maybe after marinade.

BTW - have you played the Space Quest 5 - next mutation?
mechanic of your ship (his name Cliffy) came up with some device that could divide the body of a living person and the infection that was in it, turn a man into a mutant. he use teleport pad (we have this device in our game) and some other thing (i dont remember, but - wait - i will look into game solution… shit. no any mention) - ok let it be ray-splitter.

with that mechanics - we may teoretically clean bodies from zombies to humans.
and in the future - near power plant may build clean plant - we could lure the zombies in the installation where they are converted back to the people.

and it can be be in some sense a certain goal of the game.
albeit in the form of mod
legend - in some park spewed and people began zombies.
we must build installation and entice it zombies and thus save people.

There could possibly be some method of getting edible “stuff” from zombie meat, but it wouldn’t be anything like just cleaning it - more like chemically isolating proteins and fats out of it.
It wouldn’t really be useful, though.

No un-zombifying humans. Unless you write the mod yourself.

Few things about how our zombies work. :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. The blob travels through water (or possibly direct contamination, or by teleportation). No airborne travel, thankfully.
  2. In order to revive you it’s got to form a symbiosis while the creature is still alive. So no revival of dead tissue, also thankfully.
  3. There are a couple of ways to “cure” a living person of a blob infection, but none of them are easy, and most involve making everything else worse in exchange (by further weakening the walls between us and the Nether). Additionally you’d have to purify all the water as well, or the symbiosis would just come back next time the person took a drink.
  4. Coolthulhu’s pretty much hit the level of difficulty of “purifying” meat right on the head. You’re talking about basically breaking the meat down on a chemical level to pull very specific things out of it. Needless to say such a process probably won’t leave anything left that’s too easily edible for humans anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course, you could always write your own mod about it, that’s one of the glories of the moddability plus open source code of the game. :slight_smile:

Another angle on it is not only is the meat saturated with goo, it’s also rotten, that’s not very conducive to making it edible again.

Exactly. Well, in the case of zombies the meat has been basically kept from rotting by presumably preservative effects of the blob, assuming the symbiote doesn’t take up the functions of a living creature’s immune system in some odd way.

This logic holds up less well for tainted meat from the mi-go and other alien creatures, but in that case it’s reasonable to assume that the “POISON” monster flag is simply a shortcut to imply that their biology is so different that, blob-infested or not, the result wouldn’t be edible.

Look at the descriptions, they’re rotting. The blob preserves pieces it deems important and abandons the rest.

Ah right, as I thought.