Inventory volume and organization

Firstly congrats on the awesome game, all I’ve played in a month.
What’s been bugging me is how your carried inventory works out, in respects to realism and swapping gear, especially in a fight. So let’s say I’ve a backpack and some cargo pants on with no other storage clothing. I pick up 4 gallon jugs of bleach. OK so the three jugs go into the backpack, but the fourth gets cut in half and split between the pack and pants?
Or your wearing a rucksack and drop it when a brute comes around the corner. But then you spent ten turns dropping enough stuff to match the volume space lost.
My thought is to assign volume in inventory to what is in what. That way if I drop my rucksack I drop what I had in the rucksack in one turn, and I can’t carry a metal tank split between cargo pants, helmet netting and two backpacks.
If my back pack full of laptops recieves damage, the laptops receive x minus bash/cut dam of the back back.
I think this would clean up a lot of tedious transporting as far as gameplay goes, add interesting strategic choices and give another item spawn location. You find a rucksack, pick it up and Surprise… Zombie dog! Or an acetylene torch, whatever.

Use search before posting.

Been suggested LOADS of times.

Yes, this topic comes up every couple of months. I’ve also noticed that sometimes forums regulars get needlessly salty about it. It’s not like there are 15 threads a week and they’re clogging up the forums, so maybe show a little give? More than a one line “do search noob” reply would be infinitely more helpful to newcomers.

CptBrogan, David Keaton is working on improving the inventory system right now as far as I’m aware. Although I have noticed work on his PR seems to have stalled a bit.

If memory serves, when you decide to drop a backpack to deal with the Zombie Hulk that’s breathing down your neck, can’t you also drop the 40 Volume worth of inventory your backpack would’ve held in the same turn?

Yes. It’s a kludge we use to simulate the stuff being inside that container.

Rivet, question. Between item HP and preexisting volume tags like you’d find on a vehicle cargo entity, would there really be any major mechanics changes? Besides the inventory UI.
I’d give it a try if its mostly shifting clothing tags around and revamping the inventory menu.
Its the damage to in storage items I’d be held back by.

The hard part is setting up the inventory UI to both do something reasonable as a default, and also allow you to be specific about stashing things when it makes sense to.
Also the inventory code is really terrible in the first place, so just working with it is a pain.

I’ll take a look, what should I unpack .

Never mind. Found it.