Inventory locations

I’m not sure if this has been suggested before, but I’ve been thinking it’d be way better if items in your inventory had a specified location, such as certain items being in your backpack… and when you’re about to fight and decide you better drop your backpack due to encumbrance, all the items inside would drop with it. Not neccesarily to limit where you can put things, but maybe just so they can drop with it so you don’t take extra time to seperately drop things.

I think that’d be very neat, and very useful.

Yep been suggested so many times 99% of the time by me on here and on irc lol.

Unfortunatly no one has done it yet due to implementation.

I suggested what i think would have been a good way to handle it but we shall see im sure in the future it will be implemented by one of the code wizards on here :slight_smile:

I mean, think even just a way to drop a bunch of items along with a worn item would be good, even if it’s not part of a full on storage thing. Like maybe when you drop a worn item that was providing storage, you can drop a bunch of items up that that volume at the same time “for free” using only the amount of time it took to drop the worn item (like a backpack).

I thought of the issue because I had trouble dropping a bunch of stuff in order to fight melee :stuck_out_tongue:
I when I dropped a backpack it put me over my volume limit and I had to drop a bunch of other stuff, and I was unable to finish dropping all the stuff before getting hit - when I cancelled I’d dropped like half of the items, while the rest was in my inventory.

Unsure what version you are using. In experimental, when you drop a bag you automatically drop items to match your lower storage limit. Works like a charm.

That’s really odd then, since I was using a really recent experimental. Maybe it was a bug?

It might be neat if the player could manually “connect” items to a designated backpack, so that when the backpack is removed, all the connected items are moved as well. But there is a trade-off. The backpack would then have its own volume capacity, separate from the inventory, and you’d be forced to manage both. You’d be forced to connect items to a backpack if you’d want to enjoy its extra carry capacity. If you have a near-full inventory and you’d want to swap items… I mean I think there is a handful of issues and scenarios that would have to be resolved; decided how to handle them.