Inventory - look from the Zomboid project side


in the CDDA we have one analog of project Zomboid principle of functioning of inventory. i mean sheath, holsters also. when we wear off and drops holster with pistol within - we drops - AND pistol, AND holster - in ONE moment. holster is - a container. right?

but - when we drops ruecksack - we drops ruecksack ONLY - items still remain in inventory. HOW it is does?
we know what when we try to grab the item what bigger then free space in inventory - we grab that item only in our hand. or not grab at all.

i think - it’s will be good if other container will be work like a holster.
as example in the record about item maybe ^link to container which contain that item.
(and i think firearms and blades have this link. blades goes into scabbards and rirearm goes into holsters. isn’t it?)

i assume - when we grab item from the ground - as example - the crowbar, we may say in what exactly container it lays. and we may say not - and crowbar goes into… (???) … into… (eureka!!!)… into random selected container what will fits the crowbar.

and how about a bunch of items grabbed by “E”+cursor->","(=all), you ask? - well - answer be - that variant will be only in random containers. because me personally will not try to fit about 100 items from one big heap to different containers - even a “piece of iron” work and I followed her tinkering minor flaws :slight_smile: later. or will do not.

See frequently made suggestions item #10 at
In other words, more or less yes, but it’s going to take some work.