I've been thinking... (inventory shenanigans)

now, i have no idea how this would/could be coded up, but i feel like there should be a button in game that allows your character to ‘shuffle’ their inventory, placing all the appropriate items in the appropriate slots… like, taking that sandwich out of your holster, or putting your ammo in the ammo pouches you have, putting any item that can be placed into your toolbelt into said toolbelt, and then once it’s filled all the appropriate slots, refilling all of the other containers with whatever else you might have, starting with the least encumbered body part… so if you had say, a big backpack with a bunch of stuff in it, but you also had cargo pants, you could reshuffle some of your backpack items to the cargo pants to make it easier for your character to move.

you can do this manually of course, but y’know. just thoughts.

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I do too.
This is a thing that makes sense to do, and doing it manually would be insane.

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honestly i’ve been TRYING to get the nested containers system to work this way, setting up specific bags in my inventory to whitelist only specific items so that they go in there first… but you have to blacklist that item from every other bag which isnt exactly what i want either… and what if a zombie breaks that pack? then i gotta do those settings all over again.