Bionics and stuff

First time trying out bionics and I need some help.
First is the limit on the number of installation of bionics working? I have 7 out of 5 in my hand.
Second, what is the best way to install them? I read that to increase the success chance you need electronics, first aid and mechanics skills high, or there are other ways to increase?

The limit is not enforced yet. You can pack yourself full of all the bionics you can get your hands on.


The Electronics skill is the most important when installing bionics, then First Aid, then finally Mechanics (which has very little impact on the success percentage). Your INT stat is as important as the Electronics skill, though (gives you ~10% to succeed for each extra point); when installing bionics make sure you’re receiving any buff for the INT stat you can get your hands on (such as listening to music, eating food, taking medications/drugs etc). Also ensure you’re in a good mood, as your focus has an impact on the success rate too (5%-7% to the success rate is the range for focus loss/gain I believe). Stay concentrated by taking the appropriate measures (I use Adderall).

If you’re interested in the exact numbers check this out.