Bionic System Suggestions

(My english is a bit funny is because I am not native speaker, so I sorry)

There is like 2 weeks I started to play, and it quickly turns in my second favorite game after Dwarf Fortress. I could maybe send some little ideas about the Bionics than I dunno if this was mentioned before.

In the actual moment the bionics, mostly how you are installing it, is to “magic” and we know not every little thing of those are to easy to install in your body.

Types of Bionics
Not every bionic have the same difficult way to install, other are less risky and more easy to install.

As it says, there is to easy to install, and also don´t have a lot of impact or maybe it have more important utility all depends of your gameplay.

Something under the skin, for example.

Not without some risks, but it need something more careful method to install. Like a small surgery, it would need sterilized stuff, and meds to avoid complications.

Installing a protective plate inside / upon muscles like.
Ambulatory like surgery.

Those can´t be fulfilled if you don´t have specialized tool. And somewhat with a little computer because you can´t cut your leg yourself for installing a prosthetic one.

Very Complex
Impossible even you have 20 in every needed skill. You need a room filled with computers / total clean / and precise robots all controlled with a IA.

Replacing an organs, replacing bones for a complete skeletal frame. Your could be incapacitated for days inside bed or an station and you need get food and water for other manners.

Using a installing station / Tool

Yes like something that have all you need for install your bionics, the tools could go from crude ones to extensive complex ones.

Scrap surgery tools, functional but not optimal.

Correct surgery tools, they are need for specialized robots to work.

The well know meds to disinfect, and drugs to avoid a systemic infection.

The Robots or small stations could need energy batteries or power plant to stay energized the whole time.

The simple robots could be inside the inventory like any other tool, or maybe need installation like the brazier and you need all the stuff close to get your bionic.

You can be after be drowsy for the chemicals used in the surgery.

The complex station needs supplies to run you when you are crippled or unconscious, energy intravenously supplying for water and food.

What you guys think about code wise implementation, is even viable?

Possible? probably, just need to implement installation “furniture” in a hospital like setting. Practical? Definitely, it would make it so you can’t become a walking computerized weapon from reading a few books. Implementation would require a good amount of work however.

Aside from hospitals, perhaps there could be a city building that provides the tools for bionics. These places could range from really high-class to basic hardware-like stores where utility bionics like integrated toolsets are attached, and shady places where bionic junkies with not too much funds play russian roulette with their bodies. Military grade bionics can be installed in, say a lab or a bunker.