Installing an advanced reaper on a new vehicle

My survivor has a dairy farm, and in the course of his travels, has found various bits of farming equipment. I’m trying to put a plow, an advanced reaper, and a seed drill together without ever having seen a farm tractor in game.

I think I want something like:


4 wheels, each on an outrigger frame, the plough up front between the first pair, the seat/controls/engine in the middle, the reaper behind that between the other wheels, and the drill at the very end.

Do I need to put any storage on or near the reaper? The wiki page for vehicle scoops implies you need storage, but doesn’t specifically say.

Unless it’s been changed, scoops themselves count as storage.

I’m not a fan of your design, tho it doesn’t need much adjustment.
My issue with it is that the position of the wheels makes it awkward to expand the plough and reaper in the future, and you are going to want to do it, because 1 tile wide is too narrow and it’s going to become annoying sooner or later.
Better to move the plough 1 tile up, and the reaper & drill 1 tile back. That way, you can expand both to the sides as much as you want.