Installing A Tileset

Heya folks, found the game recently and I’ll be honest - ASCII ‘graphics’ are going to give me eye cancer. Mainly, I can’t tell half of what’s going on because the symbols are muddled together.

That being said, I’ve found Colleens texture pack but no instructions on how to install it. I’ve been told there’s a gfx folder but none exists for me.

Could use some input on this. I’ve got a .png file with the icons, tile_config.json, and a tileset text. Not sure what to do at this point.

You need to download the Graphical version (not hte Console version):

It should already contain several tilesets in the gfx folder. Your tileset should use the same directory structure. Only the tileset.txt file is required, the path of the other two files is contained in that file.

Ah, that did it. Thanks!