Tileset download not showing in IG settings

So I was trying to get the MShockXotto+ tileset into the game and I think I did the right steps which is to unzip it to the gfx folder on the game’s file but, when I went into the game’s settings, it’s nowhere to be seen. Did I do something wrong or was there like an extra step? It’s my first time downloading a new tileset into the game so a step by step instruction is what I may need if I could find one somewhere.

its the actual folder?, or something like when you unzip it the system creates a folder with the same name and inside is the actual folder that you want to put inside the gfx folder

the actaul tileset is in the folder in the folder, if you can catch my drift there. there are also some mods in the same folder

so what u mean is when i unzip it, i let the system create its own folder for it and then move that folder to gfx folder? cuz when i put it in my gfx folder, the tileset seems to be inside into another one of its own folder so basically like a folder turtle in its folder shell, so do i leave those two folders alone?

So do I take the actual folder out of the folder that the system created and put it in gfx folder then?

in my case, my system does something like:
unzip tile folder>creates a folder with the same name as the zip>the actual folder is inside that folder.

so i needed to put the folder from inside in the gfx folder

yeah, if you open said folder, and you see json or tile archives, thats the folder you want to put insdie the gfx folder

it finally worked and I can see the tileset in the settings now thx Ragno