How the heck do I get texture packs to work?

I’m trying to get some texture mods to work since text icons really aren’t easy on the eyes. However I can’t seem to figure out how to actually make textures “work”. I’ve added chesterhole to the mods folder but that doesn’t anything. I don’t see anything in the FAQ about textures and google is no help.
Are there any steps i’m missing? For clarification this shouldn’t be conflicting with anything since its an otherwise clean download.
Does anybody have explicit instructions on how to work this thing? What steps am I missing?

If you’ve been using the text icons, you might have the console build instead of the tiles build. I’d recommend using the launcher.

This will allow you to update more smoothly and using the tiles build will automatically come with a variety of tilesets.’

If you’re already using a tiles install and just seeing text instead of tiles, try going to settings -> graphics -> line 25 is the choose tileset option.

i’m trying to get things to look like this

rather than this all numbers

Right, yes. So that’s a tileset. It’s a collection of images instead of the ascii (letters and numbers and symbols from the keyboard).

If you did not find the tileset line I mentioned in your settings, you’re probably using the console version, which uses ascii.

I would recommend you get the launcher I linked above. You can install the game version that uses the pictures like that screenshot you showed.

If you already use the launcher, make sure you have the ‘tiles’ dot marked.

If you’re opposed to using the launcher, you can download the graphical versions from this page:


Check the date and grab the latest experimental.

When you fire up the game. Be sure to make all the adjustments you want in the options menu. You can choose full screen or window. You can adjust the resolution to match the size screen all the while choosing which tile pack as Unicorn mentioned.

Personally I dig manually making changes, so I know what goes where.

I see that works thank you very much!