Infection bug probaly

I got infected im my recent game and i treated the wound at first by disifectant. That didnt help and the infection got worse I used antibiotics and that didnt helped too. I got a bit suspicious and save scumed the game and then juged down all of my antibiotics durring the infection while i was dying. Nothing helped to cure the infection there could be a bug.

It takes time to get well after you take antobiotics. Also it doesn’t help if your health is low.

My health was max at the time only recived one unlucky bite to the right arm and this infection and threatment vent on for about 1 and a half day. The infection just got worse by the time the disinfectant and the antibiotics did nothing.

I am not talking about body part hitpoints, but about hidden health stat which affects natural healing.

Remember: you are playing simulation game, not some modern FPS.

Disinfectants should only be used to treat bite (blue) wounds. Using disinfectant on infected (green) wound is useless and does nothing.

Also antibiotics is not some kind of panacea which heals you immediately - you should take them roughly twice per day and it can take several days to get rid of infection (depending on your health).


Yeah, for that you need a dose of Panaceus, but that’s super rare.

It is kind of bizarre linguistically that disinfecting that which is infected doesn’t make it not-infected… but that’s the way it is in real life, too.

It does say in game that you need to go on a regular regime for antibiotics in game just like you do in real life. As for disinfected just keep spamming it on your blue wounds and they’ll eventually go away. I’m not even sure if the disinfected buff that gets applied does anything but spam until clear always works.