I have the infected status and all that, but disinfectant shows nothing. It’s turned green, and it STILL doesn’t show me anything.

I saved slightly before the worse infection, and although the menu wouldn’t show anything, I just went through disinfecting 1-5 TWICE, and still no effect. Infection’s bugged. 7/3 version of Cataclysm, I can send it to someone if they want it.

[a]ctivate or [E]at the disinfectant and look if there is the option to clean wound. It should be on the number 7 , if no , then it’s too late and you need antibiotics/royal jelly.

I just said, neither one works, and I forcibly tried disinfecting everything. I have no wounds, all my limbs are at full health.

Reply to edit: Ah, the antibiotics worked. Wish I remember they existed, I am now recovering from the infection.

Yeah; you disinfect a wound, and medicate an infection. Disinfectant is a preventative, not a treatment, after all; once the infection has set in, you’ll need actual medication to drive it back.