Fight infection with new first aid kit

I died a lot now. Only antibiotic work in experimental last version?
With original one infections are a joke, now the “green fonts” are a death sentence.

Don’t get grabbed by zombies and you’ll never suffer a deep bite.

That also means don’t get surrounded by zombies until you’re heavily armored.

Disinfectants and hydrogen peroxide are used for deep bites, and are also hard-to-find medics.

Antibiotics will kill an infection that is set in, there is also another drug that has a chance to help against infections, it starts with a T and has a weird name, I can’t remember, I’ll edit this when I load up the game.

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After several test I see only antibiotic work, but is a very slow process. The start with “bad day” is now incredible difficult.
I still wait for the guy get cured, after 3 days puking everything I eat. Tomorrow I see, because I play in the work.

Just piss on it. There should also be a piss command for removing poison lol

I did pretty extensive testing on “infected” scenario.
You do need to find antibiotics to have a good chance to survive an infection. And your best bet for finding those is the rear-most box in an ambulance.
However, the other important thing is to take your time.
Even with antibiotics it can easily take days to cure the infection.

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