Industrial foam cannon

So I picked my favorite profession Radio tower technician and noticed a new item the foam gun so I tested it and it created a trap called “foamcrete” I tested it by spawning a zombie and herding it into the foamcrete and it slowed it a lot! Like more than windows! I think this could be useful for creating Zed killing stations and clearing cities. One problem, I cannot figure out how to get more ammo. Does anyone know?

Looks like a newer aftershock item, the item browser doesn’t know of crafts or drops for the pressurized tanks. Might be lootable somewhere.

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Just checked and it is aftershock. Still cool even if it isn’t in the base game I guess I will just roleplay as a TranStar survivor in aftershock.

What I was referencing:

As far as i know, you can find book with 2 recipes in it, one of which is foam gun ammo. Another thing is, if you stack 3 shots on the same place, it will create foamcrete wall, 2 shots is better slow than one shot too.