General Mayhem and Destruction

Post fun ways to explode stuff tactically or otherwise!

A friend of mine figured out that bullets explode if left in a fire and explosives go off as well so its possible to make a bonfire of ammo if you don’t mind dieing to undead when you have no bullets (Beware you may be shot by exploding bullets).

Also fun are spider webs, they are pretty much napalm and light very very quickly (good for luring enemies into).

An extra is you can motorize shopping carts and make the hobo-cart of doooooooom!

On my current world with 10.0 spawn rate, I find it’s really easy to kill tons of enemies by heading towards a town at night, dropping a noise emitter in a house and then burning it down.

You can do the ammo trick with a single bullet I think.

I prefer turning shopping carts into mobile turrets myself. You can make it pretty much self-sustaining if you install every type of battery and swap the turret for a solar panel when you need to recharge.

The bullet trick can be used to blow holes in walls as well, you just need to use a few decent caliber rounds, tis pretty handy.

Im pretty sure in the experimental you cant do that anymore.

yep, when rounds cook off they only produce shrapnel now, no explosion.

When facing a zombie horde I set fire to my enemies as they die (they don’t burn, but the ripped clothes they drop do). Soon enough you’re surrounded by a ring of fire that may contribute as much to the killing as you do.

Flamethrower (or any weapon that causes fires) + flammable buildings (like a FEMA Camp) + zombies = FUN

I’ve found m202s and, ammo piles, and gas stations to be a good way to give a good send off for a good character who lived to see the next version be released.