Okay so is this a good sign? [Spoilers maybe?]

So I created a world called Darkest Days, spawned and went down the stairs then I started hearing sounds. I thought I would have to fight a couple rats…eehh but no it was a shit-ton of zombies and there is a lot of good loot down there. Going to go fashion myself a knife spear and kick some ass, I’ll tell you how it goes.

You hit the 1 in 10 shot for a live basement. Up to 10 zeds down there, apparently specials are a possibility.

Should be much more loot, though, once you get things under control.

I guess I’m really “lucky” today, and yes there are plenty of specials down there.

Specials zombies are indeed a possibility. I had a brute spawn in my shelter basement recently. I died.

We need underground shrubs to save us.

Just lead them up the stairs and out a shelter window.

I am planning on putting some furniture down there, it’s pretty barren.

You should.

A few beds and a table+chairs?

A beer pong table would cool. and maybe a keg.

Wooden kegs as constructions that store liquids might be pretty cool (similar to gas pumps?), and they’d go well with the farming that’s sort of being implemented at the moment (grow hops, make beer?). But yes, more basement scenery please!

This is the shelter basement, so it’d be more like a bunch of cots and shelves.

Beer pong in the disaster shelter…

Gotta pass the time somehow.

Gotta pass the time somehow.[/quote]

I thought we were discussing basements in general, but I agree with ninja so I stand by my suggestion! :smiley: