What is your best escape?

Well, I can’t help but find this one rather funny. I was in the middle of the forest and found one of those instantly hostile NPCs who had a makeshift FLAMETHROWER. Cuz, you know, totally a good idea to have that in a forest.
I thought to myself "crap, I’m gonna burn to death."
But na, it backfired first time and he exploded in a fiery blaze. I still had to run away of course, but after returning a day or two late he had contributed to also killing some fungal pains in there. However, there was literally NOTHING left over of the place, and I never actually saw the fungal tower with my own eyes. I never mess with that stuff since I never feel like I’m up to it. I only knew it was there because of the overmap.
I was worried my curiosity would away the fungus that is amungus, but they apparently burned. The only downside as far as I know is that I couldn’t take the NPCs cool gear that was on him and that all the fruit trees aren’t there anymore.