Increase move cost on tiles with lots of items/corpses

Decided to start as a Navy SEAL again for an RP-focused game, and was thinking that all the corpses piling up in the narrow corridors should realistically impede movement for both me and the zombies. Then the thought went a bit further and I wondered how hard it would be to move through hoarder bases with massive piles of stuff everywhere.


Well, I know I’m just an armchair developer saying this. But I think this could work by having the volume of objects on a tile affect the title’s move cost as more and more volume fills the tile to the point where it becomes unstable footing, as the bigger boulders do now. Then the tile becomes unpassable, like a wall at some point without having to climb over it. However, the team might not want to do that because it would end up helping the player too much by making the zombies slow down as they walk over their “friends’” bodies.

I could see this working for typical items, so people will have to spread their belongings out and not have literal tons on in one corner of their base. But I think there is a limit in the game as of now, just not the obstruction factor.

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It would be realistic (and pretty cool detail tbh), but unbalanced. Fighting a horde on a corridor would become easy, since the more zombies that you kill, the more movement points further zombies would have to spend to get to you

Until they get pushed into your square by the ones behind them or they get a high ground advantage or…

Deppends on wether or not those mechanics are already in the game, or if they would be implemented along with pile of corpses taking points from moving into

Depends. If it is to be implemented the same way temperatures were (where only the player and NPCs are affected, but hostile creatures and zombies are completely immune to them), then yeah it’s best it isn’t implemented imo.

Honestly, I have been thinking about those mechanics for a while. Increasing move cost on big piles and making item retrieval slower since you have to literally dig through the pile.
Plus fragile objects (e.g glass bottles) could break if you step on the pile. You can usually avoid stepping on a single glass bottle on an otherwise empty tile, unless you are running, blind, have low dexterity, are clumsy or similar. On the other hand, tiny players with e.g rodent mutations have a lesser chance of breaking items in piles.

This would encourage the player to construct shelves for their base and not leave everything lying around. I would welcome the addition of such mechanics for both realism and less cheesy item piles.

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