Impossible to play


I haven’t played the game since the kicktarter and toda when I downloaded the current stable version I realized that I was unable to play.
When I launch the .exe I only get a blackscreen and the game eventually stop working.
Is there a way to fix it ? I really want to play that game again…

Some basic questions:
What OS are you on?
Are you getting any error messages?
Is it just a freeze or does it actually crash to the desktop?
Are you running the game in english or do you have some form of localization?
Did you remember to unpack the zip file?
Have you tried redownloading the game? It’s possible something was corrupted in your download.

I am on windows 7. Deleting the “lang” file made it works. Thanks for the help !

The 0.A release had some issues with that on windows, I think we have them sorted out in the experimentals. (If we don’t, let me know!)