Can't play the game

download the game, with cdda launcher, after several time, and the game load, but on the menu the key don’t respond: i press right and the menu go left or “enter”…and several time crash…

i can’t play

You haven’t given enough information. What operating system are you running? Did you download the right version? Stable or experimental? Did it give any kind of error report when it crashed?

Did it crash when you tried to start a game or were you completely unable to do anything and it just crashed randomly after a little while?

Did you try redownloading the game? You might have just gotten a bad download.

I would recommend you go into the game folder and delete the options.json file inside the config folder. This will reset all the game options. Then relaunch the game, go into Settings/Options/Graphics, scroll down to ‘Fullscreen’ and set that to ‘Windowed Borderless’. While on that same screen set the Terminal Width and Terminal height to the correct values for your monitor resolution (240 and 66 for 1080p for example).

I believe this will fix the issues.

See my tutorial video’s for more info/walkthrough:

thk…now work…

I’m happy it helped.

You’ll probably want to browse the keybindings when you get a chance.