Game Not launching (0.A)


My OS is windows 7, i’m playing on the current version.

I already downloaded the current version some times ago. I tried to launch the game today, but it’s was on fullscreen and did not displayed the whole informations. I managed to revert to set the fullscreen setting to off, saved and then tried to launch the game back.
This time it just displayed a black screen, not responding.

I re-downloaded the current version of the game (i tried both the terminal version and the tiles one), deleted my buggy version but it still refused to work.

Any ideas on how i could fix this?

Did you extract it first?

Sadly, yes i did.
I wish it was as simple as that though.

Found out that my problem was also a language detection problem, i’m going to detail it in the text bug subject.
Can anywone delete this subject aftewards?