Program bugs out when launching

Hi, y’all.
Being gone for the last week or so, I came back and downloaded the newest version.
Much to my chagrin it refuses to load, only displaying either a blank screen or a bugged out snow-screen, and otherwise being entirely unresponsive.

Not being technically savvy, I considered the possibility of a client-side download error.
Therefore, I downloaded it again several times.
Of course, I’m talking about the compiled version.
Needless to say, that failed (otherwise, I wouldn’t be typing this).
Out of curiosity, I started going back through the latest versions (back to 0.A-1427) to see if any of them would work.
None of them did.

The last update that I can say with confidence works for me is update 0.A-1406 (the download folder) or 5cab85f-dirty (in-game designation), which was the last successful update I made.

I’m at a loss as to what’s going on, so any help would be appreciated.
Be thanking y’all for your time.

Noticing a similar sounding issue in another topic, I’m just going to add this in here.
My computer is set to US English and will likely never be changed to anything else, as English is the only language that I speak fluently.

What’s your OS language? There’s a similar thread where deleting lang folder fixed the problems.

US English, so that shouldn’t be the problem.

What OS are you using? Graphical or terminal version?

  1. The machine I’ve been using to play the game is still XP.
    Yeah, old, I know.

  2. Graphical version. I forgot to mention that.

i think we have the same issue. when i use other computer (Windows 7) it is fine.

does your screen look like this? BTW both of us has same OS (windows XP)
My workaround for this is to set the software rendering option to true, but there is graphical glitches when using tiles.

Yeah, it looks like that.

Anyone have any Idea why compatibility with XP was dropped?

Oh, hey, you’re right.
Changing it to Software Rendering worked, although it did leave glitches (as you said).

Thanks for the help.