Launching Crash

Hi all.

I need help, I’m running Windows 7 and every time I launch the game, a (transparent) windows appear and then crash… I don’t know what to say more I don’t have any error message. I have try about all version stable and experimental terminal and SDL/Tiles.

The only way I was able to launch the game was to compiling the game following the method with codeblock describe in this forum but I wasn’t able to play full screen and with tiles.

If I can give you useful information on my problem I would but I don’t know which…

Sorry for my noob level and pardon my English.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Did you extract the files from the folder first?

Yes I did


I’v found the same issue as well.

Whatever version i try to use (last stable, and some last release daily, curse or sdl) the game won’t start - as soon as I open the game, it stuck before i can see anything.

i’v open the option.txt and I found that there is now some translation (french, in my case).

I really don’t care about it, i just wonder if the fact that this computer use french setting could change something.

(i’v play from 0.6 to experimental 0.9 without any problem like this)

I don’t know so i ask : what this game use ? (i mean what i should try to reinstall on my computer or try to found older version of it)

Are you using a localization version of windows? If you are try deleting the lang folder, IIRC the game may be trying to load a non-existent translation of the game and crashing when it can’t find it.

It worked!

For information, my regional option is on FR Switzerland, I deleted the lang folder and now everything work fine.

Thanks a lot.

Yes, it was the problem.

Couldn’t be done something to avoid this, like use by defaut english if nothing is found ?

Well not a big matter anyway, but at last we could use a small .txt inside the folder explaining this.