I'm using SpeedyDex, but I don't think it's working?

In world generation I included the SpeedyDex (two games, both stable 0.G and experimental 2024-06-19-1635). According to the mod text:

On creating a character, it will open a configuration menu. This menu will show examples of when you start gaining speed, as well as how much speed bonus you will have for the first few levels. From this menu, you can edit both the minimum level of dexterity and the amount of speed gained per dexterity.

However no such menu was displayed. Am I doing something wrong, or is the mod broken?

[EDIT] For clarification, I just added ‘SpeedyDex’ from the mod list from the game, I haven’t downloaded or copied it from anywhere. Also, it looks like the mod text is from the obsolete LUA version which isn’t what I’m using but I can’t find any updated instructions.

What’s the reported game version in the main menu?

You mean the 5f78795 thing after 2024-06-19-1635 ?

It’s 5f78795.

Hol’ on. I’ll just try a clean start with every other setting on default / random on the latest experimental… yeah. It’s just the same. Everything else works as expected, but [On creating a character, it will open a configuration menu. ] <— This doesn’t happen.

  • OS: Windows
    • OS Version: 10.0.19045.3570 (22H2)
  • Game Version: cdda-experimental-2024-06-21-0140 d1fe2af [64-bit]
  • Graphics Version: Tiles
  • Game Language: System language
  • Mods loaded: [
    Dark Days Ahead [dda],
    Disable NPC Needs [no_npc_food],
    Portal Storms Ignore NPCs [personal_portal_storms],
    Slowdown Fungal Growth [no_fungal_growth],
    SpeedyDex [speedydex]