Speedy Dex LUA mod

Removal of LUA has broken this mod, but KorGgenT has converted it into C++ and it is now present in the game - details can be found here: add speedydex mod by KorGgenT · Pull Request #30941 · CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA · GitHub

The old download link will remain in case anyone is playing 0.D stable and wants to use it.

Allows you to increase your speed based on your dexterity. Designed for use with mutations that give more dex, and/or stats through skills/kills mods to allow your character to become more inhuman over time.

On creating a character, it will open a configuration menu. This menu will show examples of when you start gaining speed, as well as how much speed bonus you will have for the first few levels. From this menu, you can edit both the minimum level of dexterity and the amount of speed gained per dexterity. Once you close this menu, you cannot return back to it without save editing, so make sure you are happy with your choice before you hit done.

To add to an existing world, edit mods.json and include “speedydex” at the end, making sure the entry before it has a comma at the end. The first time the script fires (per minute) it will open the configuration menu, and then it will consider your stats to see if it needs to increase your speed or not.

Get it on github

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Is there a suggested baseline number I should use?

Not really, I just came up with some random numbers for the defaults, so I’d say just use what seems right to you.

I updated my game and now it seems that the mod turned off? It’s still in the mod manager for my game but doesn’t have any effect, do you know how I can proc the configuration menu again?

Sorry, haven’t been around a few days. I don’t know how it could not work unless you updated to a build that doesn’t have LUA support, as it seems none of the LUA functions changed in the last month given the quick check I just did. Just in case, you can reset the config by changing “SDRun”: “1” in your save file to “SDRun”: “0”

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Thank you O Great One. Bless up. I think what happened was when I debugged my strength so I could add more wheels to my deathmobile, it had a bad interaction with the mod.

Heyyyyy, so I have a problem I don’t know how to fix, here it is, I just need to know how this works and I can fix it from my end

I would have to guess that the android version functions differently than the PC version, as that works fine on PC. Additionally you may encounter many other errors, as android builds are not official, and may be quite out of date.

The thing is updated to the latest stable i’m pretty sure, unless something’s changed? Maybe it does function differently, any ideas on a fix?

This was broken due to changes to how the game dealt with duration of effects, so it has now been updated and works with the latest experimental again.

Looks to me like you have a constant std. Should get it checked out.