Help with mods not showing up in loader

First time posting yay!

Onto my issue I have recently downloaded the mods “speedyDex” and “stats through kills” and don’t know how to activate them. I am playing on build 7947. thanks in advance

Extract the zip file into cdda/data/mods and then enable in the game. If you are using the launcher, be aware it is known to delete things including saves, config, and mods if anything in the cdda folder is open, and windows often opens files without any indication.

Both speedydex and statsthroughkills have one-time-only per character ingame configuration, both of which show the first few upgrade points so you can tune them to your liking, so be sure you find settings you will be okay with before you close the menus.

If you want to activate them on an already existing game, open the mod’s folder and copy the ident from modinfo.json into save/worldnamehere/mods.json while keeping the same format (comma after every entry except the last)

Thanks! But the problem with the 2 mods listed is that they came as 7Z Files and not the zipped files that I am used to.

They should be possible to open in winrar or 7zip which I recommend more. Pretty sure winzip too but not certain.

I will try that! thanks for the advice

and it worked! thanks for the assistance again