Looking for mods that work with 0.D Experimental builds for android

currently missing these good mods, StatsThroughSkills, StatsThroughKills, SpeedyDex and pk rebalancing.

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0.D experimental includes these mods already, and they are supported in the code. I don’t know android, but I assume they’d be included as well, since it’s the same code. They took out LUA support a bit after 0.D stable came out, so those older versions that relied on LUA will no longer work. I’ve got all of those mods working in latest experimental on pc and the only one that isn’t mainline is PK. I have been hearing unconfirmed noises that StatsThroughKills isn’t working correctly, but I haven’t noticed anything weird.

I thought we’d solved your issues with PK already? Here’s my copy of PK’s, working on build 9579. Hope it works for you.

ah yes pk is working with the newer experimental builds. what change on:

  1. statsthroughkills do you still get a point and distribute it manually or is it randomly added?
  2. statsthroughskills does not see any changes to my stats yet.
  3. speedydex does not see speed increase yet

update: statsthoughskills and speedydex is confirmed working. i can see that the Notification was removed. will update after i kill thousands of zeds and see if statsthroughkills is working

@Malkeus how do you know statsthroughkills is working on your end? i have 200+ kills now and no pop up yet. sorry for the trouble.

Check your kills list, there should be an experience counter. To add stats, look at the @ screen, select your stat and hit enter iirc. It’s changed a little from the LUA days.

edit: I’ve yet to see speedydex give a bonus either

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ooohhh got it! thank you!

speedydex is configured in the modinfo.json. minimum dex to get a bonus is 12
statsthruSkills is also configured in modinfo.json

yep, changed some values for some balancing. except statsthroughkills is a little complicated for me. i am no longer updated with languages for since 2014 :stuck_out_tongue:

My issue with statsthruskills is that the stat buffs are counted as a “tempory buff” i.e. if you have 10 base int but you have 13 int from STS it doesn’t count it towards reading difficulty. Meaning I had 10 base int and 14 int with STS and I still got the reading penalty because it only recognized the 10 base and not the 14 with STS. Reading time reduction works but not the penalty part. This also means it probably wont count towards CBM installs but I haven’t tested it yet

Pretty sure it does count towards CBMs.

i will take note of that. never got cbms on new build yet. no zombies in real life to get cash cards with $500+ in it. busy, busy, busy

I hope so. I was afraid that it was messed up because of the change in tempory buffs no longer being applied to CBMs.