Illumination at night. Full moon, irradiated,better vision or glitch?

Just curious. On day 6 and my character all of a sudden has an extra 2 vision tiles at night. Not sure if this is a Harvest Moon, my character developing better eyesight or a effect of being covered in ectoplasm earlier on in the day. I tried reading a book but its too dark. No fancy headgear on either, can’t tell if character is irradiated and her diet didn’t involve any carrots. Has this happened to anyone else?

Tried shutting down the application and loading the game, no difference.

Assuming you haven’t mutated a night vision mutation or something similar (which can be checked with the @ screen), then yes, it’s because it is a full moon.

lol, awesome. No mutation on the stats screen so must be a full moon. I’ll try to survive a couple more nights just to be sure (?its cloudy out?). Thanks for the quick reply.

Can we get this tidbit somewhere in the wiki? I’ve had it sometimes too, but never could pinpoint the reason and chalked it up to ‘good bugs’

Also to try and make it super-obvious, might see about adding moon phase to the time display thing.