Night vision suddenly stopped working

My character has the night vision trait from creation and has been working fine up till now but one night it suddenly stopped working and i’m down to 1 tile of night vision again. I’m about halfway into summer, I don’t know if i have some kind of vitamin deficiency (nothing else seems off). I’ve tried switching the mutation off and on to no avail.
I’m playing on the Frank 02 version

You haven’t worn anything too encumbering on the head and eyes?

That seems to be part of the problem, the visor on my riot helmet was down. I have 4 radius night vision now, I swear it was higher before though. I took out a bunch of eyebots and police bots at night with my bow and i’m pretty sure i was more than 4 spots away…

Been a long while since I played Frank, but check the ambient lighting - Might be too bright from a full moon on a cloudless night. Assuming your full NV did extend farther than that.

I don’t think so, the sky is clear but the lighting on the tiles around me is very dark. How does vitamin A deficiency manifest itself? Could that be it?

I think it might have been a Vitamin A deficiency. A few days and alot of dandelions later and it’s back to where it was. Or it’s just a coincidence and who knows what’s going on.

If it was its gonna have an effect displayed much like it does with scurvy.