Illiteracy limitations

I have started playing with a series of illiterate characters. I like the extra 5 points and I find reading to be boring. I also like the experience of figuring out ways to develop skills organically. Two questions:

  1. Learning recipes by deconstructing items works, but is often pointless because you then already have the item. Are there other ways to learn recipes?

  2. Are there any skills or recipes that will be impossible for an illiterate character to learn? I have focused on offensive builds but am branching into geekier builds for the challenge.

Any other experiences with illiterate builds welcome!

  1. Autolearn. Other than that no.

  2. I think computers require you to read. Many items don’t exist except as recipes. I have never seen a forge rig (mildly useful) or a FOODCO buddy (very useful) generate as items.

Make sure you turn off skill rust or you won’t be able to keep some skills up. For example construction - it is very hard and tedious to grind it.

It’s not worth 5 points. There are much less crippling traits, especially if you chose lab/experiment scenario. It’s more of a challenge trait. If I was balancing it, I’d place it at 10 or 12 points, not just 5.