Teachers in the Cataclysm, and language skill

So you can pick the trait Illiterate but it hurts your characters growth pretty bad. What I suggest is that a small number of NPCs would be willing to teach you how to read. You would need paper and pencils or some books. And it would take quite a long time to completely learn how to read.
This is where the language skill comes in. All characters without illiterate start out with their intelligence level of language, for example 8 int=8 language. The illiterate start with 0, so they cannot read. The higher the skill, the faster you read, up to the normal pace. I understand int already increases reading speed, and language would just replace the “you need 12 intelligence to read this book easily” and instead it would be “you need 12 language to read this book easily”. The language skill automatically levels when you read challenging books that are equal to or above your language level.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. On one hand I’d like to avoid more skill bloat, but on the other hand I really like playing illiterate characters and having the trait explored more and getting NPCs involved could be a step in the right direction of making them more useful.

However, it would also be another case of a trait essentially becoming “free points” since to overcome illiterate permanently you just have to train it like any other skill. At least right now you need to have an NPC read to you, and in order for them to do so they also have to understand the context of the book, meaning you need to train them up the slow way if you know more about the topic than them.

I didnt know npcs could read to you. Also mutations can remove bad starting traits if you pick correctly.
And it sort of doesnt make sense that the guy who can turn a car into a death machine, craft his own mutagen(idk if you can do this without reading), and become a cyborg can’t read, at least a little. But thats just my opinion.

I didn’t know NPCs could read to you, but I do know you can read to them. Sort of. They have to be interested, but I’m not sure how to determine what they might want to hear. I tried teaching my minions Krav Maga, and a couple other martial arts, but the game explicitly stated that they did not want to listen and learn.

Yeah if your character is illiterate NPCs will read to you, but both of you have to be able to understand the book. And from what I can tell reading times are based on their intelligence.

However you can read playboy as an illiterate so you’re not totally incapable without help.

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I don’t think you are looking at the articles. Besides, I’m pretty sure “reading” a playboy is a solo activity…