Starting recipes

So, when you start you learn recipes based on skills. for example if I even set one stat point to Tailoring, I learn a shit ton of recipes, that atleast for me kinda ruin the experience, when I start a new character, I want to be able to have learn any and all recipes from just exploring and experimenting. not just all the sudden know how to make a balaclava because my character has one skill in tailoring.

and dont get me started on firearms, and fabrication. just because you have one skill in fabrication does not give you the knowledge to craft makeshift ammo.

Makes sense to me, really. Take someone who has never cut fabric or sewn with thread in their life, they won’t know how to make anything. Show them how scissors work on fabric and the most basic of stitch, and they’ll be able to try and recreate a lot of basic stuff they’ve seen in life before. There’s a lot of things people know exist but don’t know the basics of construction for.

The alternative of discovering everything from experimentation or books is the situation where you want to make some very primitive clothing like a sock, or a balaclava, or a poncho, and are at the whims of discovery or loot to create it. It would be equally annoying, and more illogical to have that level of ignorance to everything.

Both those being said, Its also a gameplay thing - There’s really no good reason to gate a lot of the simple clothing that doesn’t serve as a justifiably complex project, improvement over random loot, or something unique enough to otherwise be of value. They instead provide plenty of early opportunities to develop your proficiencies, which are the practical gate for these complex things - That person making their first “I’ve seen these before I’ll figure it out” balaclavas will develop their practical skills making it, which is a good thing to let the player do.

isn’t there a theoretical and a practical knowledge stat? I wonder how possible it would be to have something like an “ADVANCED” bool that makes it so you don’t learn the recipe until your practical knowledge is good enough instead of just theoretical.

That would be counterintuitive to the distinction - The whole idea is that you can know about concepts without having the practical experience to do them well. Having learning recipes of the appropriate practical skill level restricted to that practical skill level defeats the whole goal of theoretical letting you reach above your grade.

A Balaclava is literally a long sock with holes for eyes, nose and mouth. I would expect anyone who knows how a pair of scissors works to know how to “craft” one.

Profugo does raise a good point in that regard.

I’d probably add that if your character starts with 1 or 2 points in any skill and they learn recipes because of it, you probably have to assume they had somewhat of an interest or knowledge in that area, enough that they know how to do certain things. And even then most recipes are also dependent on Proficiencies. So, sure you may know how something is made in theory, but if you weren’t taught how all those little parts go together, you’re gonna waste a lot of materials and time trying to recreate it until you finally figure it out. (Or read about it, there should be books that teach specific proficiencies, at least on a theoretical level).

So ik most replies have been about the realism aspects of my example about the tailoring skill. but I made this post for the gameplay aspects.

I want to be able to set skill points and not all the sudden know a shit ton of recipes, even if they are simple.
I want to be able to Learn each recipe from scratch.
Hopefully there is an easy way to just disable all starting recipes

Ik some random mod is gonna join. say “just edit the json”.
first of all idk how to. second of all im on mobilel.

Well hey, no better time to learn than the present. The best way to get anything done in an open source project is to do it yourself, and others who want the same will be quite pleased to see it.

The alternative is waiting for some other contributor to push for it, and implement it that way. Unfortunately for you, this is not likely to change anytime soon, as preventing people from crafting something until they hit an arbitrary “Learn from scratch” point is the exact opposite of how the system is intended to be at this time, from both a realism and a gameplay perspective. As it stands, there’s no real “Discover Recipe” mechanic outside of books and skill levels. A third “Do ??? until discovery” mechanic doesn’t really have any good foundations to exist. The closest I can think about is the wider discussions about creating “Practice” actions for skills, which isn’t really “discover recipe from scratch” as much as it is “Raise your skills until you unlock the next batch of recipes”.

Given that the game doesn’t have the intelligence to actually generate recipes, we’re stuck with having people design recipes rather than have players experiment and discover things based on underlying principles.

However, I’d definitely like to see a system whereby skills and proficiencies allowed the player to know about recipes and further proficiencies (the latter exists currently), but without the ability to actually know the recipes themselves. To know a recipe you’d either have to learn it from a book or research it through experimentation, although some recipes ought to no longer require any experimentation if you’re skilled enough (a skilled tailor would likely find it trivial to make something like trousers of type X even if they’ve somehow never made any trousers in their life), e.g. when the practical knowledge exceeds the level of the recipe by 2 (which would mean level 9 recipes would always have to be unlocked through experimentation or the reading of a recipe, or a new functionality of learning a recipe from an NPC). Experimentation would consume time and resources and gradually train you up to actually be able to know the recipe itself.

However, someone would have to code the experimental recipe learning process, and unless someone can come up with some logic to derive the training requirements from ingredients, skill levels, and proficiencies required, each unlocked training recipe would have to be defined manually in JSON.