Do you want me to draw your character?

I haven’t done this before myself, and I’m certainly not the best at drawing. Unlike what I’ve seen from a lot of people I use a pencil and paper, so it’ll look different than the computer stuff. I’m certainly not the best and color may-or-may-not happen. But if you want to submit your character I’ll eventually draw it and paste it, due to me being busy and generally wanting to play video games and stuff myself, they might not get out too fast. But I have some free time, and this might further hone my skills.
Ideally post a screen shot of each thing you want, so mutations, gear etc. If you can’t do that, simply say it in an organized fashion and I’ll get to it. If you have anything you specifically want in how your character is made, simply add that to your post as well, depending on what it is I should be able to do it.

I’d be interested in seeing someone else’s take on Alice. Will edit with details later.

Details as promised:

Alice Carol was unable to cope with the horror of the apocalypse and now believes that everyone has always been a zombie, and it wasn’t until recently that anyone realized it (which made the zombies mad). This is wonderful news, because now we can nuke them. Her completely inanimate best friend is an all-steel Chevy Camaro named Bill, who is strongly opinionated and sometimes wins arguments with her. She has a crush on him, but she hasn’t told him, because he’s a car and he might think it’s weird. Before the apocalypse, she was enrolled at a community college until she became an unwilling test subject at a Science Lab. Her hobbies include romance novels, LSD, and high explosives.

Genetics: Human, no visible mutations.
Bionics visible under light clothing: None.
Bionics visible if skin exposed: Electroshock unit, internal UPS, Power Armor Interface, Cable Charger System.
Physical Characteristics: Alice is a young woman with blonde hair, green eyes, light skin, and medium height. She’s in good health, but fresh from a fight.
Combat Kit Current Outer Layer: Sleeveless trenchcoat, leg and arm armor with armored gauntlets, and leather boots.
Full Combat Kit:

Yay! Finally someone seems to be interesting in a different perspective of their character. If nothing else, it won’t hurt to get your person drawn.

I’d have asked, except my only current character who’s been alive for more than a few days is an attempt to represent myself ingame. Once I have another character who’s worth drawing about, I’d be happy to see your take on it :slight_smile:

It’s only been a day, there will be more. :slight_smile:

Edited above.

You forgot to add ‘physco’ as a trait, in my opinion if someone thinks a car is alive they are somewhat crazy. I just know she’s gonna do some rather inappropriate things to said car if she survives long enough…
Anyway, I’ll edit this after a day or two to show you the picture of Alice ‘car raper’ Carol. I’m thinking having her hold out a piece of dirty cloth with a disgusted look on her face, since she has the squeamish trait.
When I am able to I’m going to upload the beginnings of her creation, obviously she won’t be done yet when you see her, but it’s a start! I’ve actually made a lot more progress than I thought I would. Yay for references!

Psycho is for not caring if you kill innocents or Z-Children, though, not general crazy. And I never! Alice and Bill have a beautiful friendship and they would never betray that. :sob:

(Thanks, I look forward to it!)

Sadly, it’s somewhat hard to see right now, since I haven’t yet bolded out the lines. In the finished product Alice will also have color too! It will (probably) be done in one or two days from now.

I would have come back sooner to finish Alice Carol, but I ended up getting into a surprise camping trip. Finally I am back, Alice is done and colored, and as soon as a camera is available you can see the finished product! Another nice part, is that the coloring should make it a little easier to see.
However, my memory somewhat eroded so I accidentally made her have brown hair with blue eyes. If only I had access to a computer before I finished her |:P

Took way longer to find my camera than I expected…